Energy savings
You manage your own energy production in real time with a dynamic display.

Heating and air conditioning are automatically regulated to ensure the temperature you want,
taking into account the effective occupation of the premises or the outside temperature.

Up to 30% energy saving
Use what you need !
From your sensitive screen, simply change the atmosphere for all your rooms.

Vary the light intensity and temperature of the rooms,
Play music and / or watch the latest film from your Audio and Video server.
Create the atmosphere that suits you!
Every day you repeat the same actions. Set them in small scenarios and run them simply with from your sensitive touchscreen or your remote.
For example, you automatically activate the closure of shutters, the extinction of all your lights and the security of your home.

 will be customized with photos and texts adapted to each family member.
Create the scenes of your every day life !
Protect your family and your property with biometric access control solutions, for example.

Keep a link to your property from your web access, receive warning messages

Manage access rights on your home or your business.
Improve security for your home or company
Improve the comfort, security and energy management of your projects, thanks to home automation !

Architects, installers, electricians and industrial ...
Benefit from the know-how and expertise of IDtique for:

Design and ensure the implementation of efficient facilities domotics
Implement the products of industrial leaders in the market for home automation
Select and use the best products related to home automation infrastructure
Control touchscreen
Control all your home functions with only one screenan and ergonomic and dynamic interface
Home cinema

Enjoy the pleasure of home cinema. The latest innovations for more feelings
Audio system
The multi-room audio system is to control music from anywhere in your home : browse your mediatheque, share your favorite songs...