IDtique Prestations
IDtique's expertise enables us to tackle projects in their entirety, taking care to analyze the needs and provide solutions to all your problems.
Telecom networks, electricity, heating, air conditioning, people and goods safety, audio, video ...

More and more networks converge with computer technologies, and allow applications with multiple benefits for your buildings

Increase the comfort of the building and improve the indoor environment
Manage the energy consumption of the building
Check in real time all the technical information of building
Making diagnosis and avoid useless "go and back"
Feasibility study
Study design and implementation
Cost analysis
Installation audit

Support and help in decision
Offer analysis
Solution analysis

Drafting of specifications and pleadings
Graphic production parts
Evaluation of tenders
Conduct and receipt of work

Marseille-Provence Airport
Allauch Hospital
AREVA international university campus

Soon available here, our whole realisations in details